Apostolos Topatsis
(b. 1999, Melbourne, Victoria)

Berlin-based visual artist specialising in graphic design and creative direction.

Currently at BBA.

Selected Works
  1. Uniqlo Qollab
  2. VCA Graduate Exhibitions
  3. Dance Compilation Album
  4. Enable Web Graphics
  5. Peter Tyndall: Slave Guitars
  6. The Field Revisited Exhibition
  7. Melb Nail Bar Identity

VCA Graduate Exhibitions, 2022
Brand Identity

Exhibition branding selected for the University of Melbourne’s 2022 Graphic and Performance Design graduate shows at the Victorian College of the Arts.
    The eye motif references the acronym of the alternate End of Year Exhibition title and is coupled with an exposed grid to present each course as a blank canvas and empty stage.

In collaboration with Manami Fujikawa & Evangeline Hadlow
Supervised by Ela Egidy
Course: B-DES, The University of Melbourne

© Apostolos Topatsis