Apostolos Topatsis
(b. 1999, Melbourne, Victoria)

Berlin-based visual artist specialising in graphic design and creative direction.

Available for freelance opportunities.

Selected Works
  1. Uniqlo Qollab
  2. VCA Graduate Exhibitions
  3. Dance Compilation Album
  4. Enable Web Graphics
  5. Peter Tyndall: Slave Guitars
  6. The Field Revisited Exhibition
  7. Melb Nail Bar Identity

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Uniqlo Qollab, 2022
Visual Identity

Identity for an imagined collaboration arm of Uniqlo, designed as a framework to consistently represent the company’s partnerships with external brands.
    Current design elements are paired with an invented grid system of interchangeable components to allow for different interpretations of what affordability can mean.

Supervised by Marion Schaberl
Course: B-DES, The University of Melbourne

VCA Graduate Exhibitions, 2022
Brand Identity

Exhibition branding selected for the University of Melbourne’s 2022 Graphic and Performance Design graduate shows at the Victorian College of the Arts.
    The eye motif references the acronym of the alternate End of Year Exhibition title and is coupled with an exposed grid to present each course as a blank canvas and empty stage.

In collaboration with Manami Fujikawa & Evangeline Hadlow
Supervised by Ela Egidy
Course: B-DES, The University of Melbourne

Dance Compilation Album, 2022
Visual Identity, Packaging

Proposed identity for the compilation album Dance by Australian alternate EDM group Haiku Hands.
    The psychedelic style draws from binakul textile patterns to present the act as an eclectic fusion of rave culture and art by emulating the progressive buildup of their high-tempo songs through Op Art geometric rhythms.

Supervised by Marion Schaberl
Course: B-DES, The University of Melbourne

Enable Web Graphics, 2023 Illustrations

Graphics illustrated for the website of Enable Social Enterprises.
    The visual style of the suite uses colourful, abstract elements to help depict a fun and approachable identity that is both congruent with the rebrand of the not-for-profit and reflective of its provided services.

Supervised by Carley Bishop
Agency: Just Gold

Peter Tyndall: Slave Guitars, 2022

A5 fanzine on the Slave Guitars strand of Australian artist Peter Tyndall’s work selected for his retrospective exhibition at Buxton Contemporary Art Museum.
    The publication functions as an interview between the artist and the zine to mirror his paradoxically metaphysical slant to the phenomenology of art.

Supervised by Marion Schaberl
Course: B-DES, The University of Melbourne

The Field Revisited Exhibition, 2021

Poster designed as imagined promotional material for the 2018 The Field Revisited exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).
    The composition focuses on the included Luke (1967) sculpture, created by Australian artist Wendy Paramor, and is intended to capture her characteristic use of repetition and symmetry.

Photo by Ben Williams Photography
Supervised by Darren Wardle & Anna Hoyle
Course: B-DES, The University of Melbourne

Melb Nail Bar Identity, 2023
Brand Identity

Logos designed for nail technician Eve Terzoglou and her Instagram-based nail art business Melb Nail Bar.
    The typeface and colour palette pull from the graphic aesthetics of the early 2000s to correspond with the revival of Y2K trends and make for a futuristic identity with a slightly retro edge.

Freelance with Eve Terzoglou, Melb Nail Bar
© Apostolos Topatsis