Apostolos Topatsis
(b. 1999, Melbourne, Victoria)

Berlin-based visual artist specialising in graphic design and creative direction.

Currently at BBA.

Selected Works
  1. Uniqlo Qollab
  2. VCA Graduate Exhibitions
  3. Dance Compilation Album
  4. Enable Web Graphics
  5. Peter Tyndall: Slave Guitars
  6. The Field Revisited Exhibition
  7. Melb Nail Bar Identity

Melb Nail Bar Identity, 2023
Brand Identity

Logos designed for nail technician Eve Terzoglou and her Instagram-based nail art business Melb Nail Bar.
    The typeface and colour palette pull from the graphic aesthetics of the early 2000s to correspond with the revival of Y2K trends and make for a futuristic identity with a slightly retro edge.

Freelance with Eve Terzoglou, Melb Nail Bar
© Apostolos Topatsis